This week, I had an amazing meeting with my long-time life coach, Steve Werner. He recently published a book called, The Titan: A Business Parable With Time Travel that you should absolutely check out. Throughout this video, there are numerous principles taken from the book that I think every entrepreneur should grasp.

Everybody has events in their life and you have to learn how to naturally cope with them instead of getting medicated for them. When you know your story implicitly and you use it as a navigational system for your future, you look back at everything that happened in your life and see crises that have occurred. Whether its falling off your bike as a child or not reaching your sales goals from last year, you learned. Maybe you never thought about them, or how you navigated through them, but you had to figure out an end solution. This is phase one of the book’s foundation. It definitely stood out to me! Phase two is about never being satisfied and continually striving for excellence. Find out what phase three, four, and five are in the video!

As a startup or an entrepreneur looking to grow and scale a business, the principles in the Titan are invaluable. I highly encourage you to follow these principles because they will transform your business and life for the better.

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