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This week I was very fortunate to have a quick meeting to talk about future Startup Hustle episodes and address all the different startups I want to see featured on them.

Prior to the meeting, I had a Paid Media 101 Workshop at 1871 Chicago to teach all about how to do paid media as a startup, something my startup stresses on every day. During the workshop, I wanted to talk about the importance of frequently looking at your marketing campaigns, building your target audience, and more. Startups tend to lack knowledge about paid media so I wanted to emphasize a few basic strategies that are easy to employ and can really work to grow your startup.

Earlier this week, I also shot a new marketing hack of the day video that focuses on how to accurately analyze your marketing funnel. If you’re continually doing analysis, then you’ll be able to provide more value easier, increase your potential growth, and fulfill your startup’s marketing goals. I really advocate to constantly review your funnel and data!

Watch more startup videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUlfC7SJV-GG3IbA8_PE5Q